Ready for the next level of simulation?

We are so proud of ThreeParticle/CAE, that it really makes multiphysics DEM simulation so easy.


Fully Multiphysics

No matter if you need Discrete Element Method (DEM) with complex shapes, Multi-body dynamics (MBD), Fluids (SPH) or Structural analysis (FEA).


Customizable C++ API

Use the API to create your own contact models, add user-defined properties or realize sensors and custom simulations.


High performance computing

Latest technologies with Nvidia GPU computing and highest CPU multi-core performance allows us to solve problems in real-scale.

ThreeParticle/CAE a simulation software you always dreamed about!
First Discrete Element Method (DEM) software with multiphysics capabilities

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What people say about ThreeParticle/CAE?

Our community of innovative researchers from industry and academia is still growing fast.

Comprehensive - Intuitive - Fast:
ThreeParticle/CAE is the industry's game changing simulation software. Resources and cooperation are excellent.

Dipl.-Ing. Eric Fimbinger
Senior researcher

I appreciate the high functionality of ThreeParticle/CAE and its easy and intuitive user interface. Technical service and support are exemplary.

Peter Maasz, M.Sc.
Research assistant

ThreeParticle/CAE has the most comprehensive features. Predefined contact models and different particle shapes will expedite the design process to the double.

Hamzah M. Al-Hashemi, M.Sc.
Geotechnical engineer