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Key Features

Explore the multiphysics capabilities of ThreeParticle/CAE with Discrete Element Method (DEM), Multi-body dynamics (MBD), Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH), Wear analysis and many more - combined in a single product.

Multi-core CPU & GPU solver
ThreeParticle/CAE allows you to distribute the workload very efficiently on Multi-Core CPU workstations and GPU to simulate millions of particles for large-scale simulations.
Our extended DEM approach can simulate any kind of particle shape like Spheres, Multispheres, Cylinders, Boxes, Ellipsoids, Cones, Capsules, Rods, Flexible fibres and even 3D scans can be imported from 3D CAD files, to virtually model real shapes - no matter if it is convex or concave.
The Multi-body dynamics solver of ThreeParticle/CAE allows you to configure complex motions of mechanical systems without coupling to third-party software. It includes lots of pre-defined constraints to realize any movement of connected parts, just with a few clicks and it also allows load and/or velocity driven simulations.
Extend your simulation by adding fluids to it and get accurate reaction forces and movements with our unique Fluid-Solid-Interaction (FSI) approach. It allows you to simulate any particle shape and part combined with fluid interactions to get a better insight into your processes and equipment without the need of third-party software.
Structural analysis is an important feature for many engineering disciplines. ThreeParticle/CAE allows you to accurately calculate stresses and strains from external forces, contacts and gravity with a built-in Static Linear and Non-linear solver as well as a Dynamic analysis to realize geometry deformations, without third-party packages.
Different wear models are implemented by default to simulate Adhesive, Abrasive, Fatigue and other wear mechanisms within ThreeParticle/CAE. It allows you to determine areas of high wear and to reduce maintenance costs by virtually changing your equipment during the design process.
Add thermal behavior like cooling and heating during contacts, also known as conductive heat transfer or a scalar field to model convective heat transfer of a surrounding medium with a cell based method.
Extend your simulation of multi-body dynamics with mechanical, hydraulic and electric capabilities by coupling ThreeParticle/CAE with MATLAB & Simulink over TCP/IP. It can be used to easily create a hydraulic cylinder with a real physics behavior by testing different oil qualities or adding controllers for a fully automatic simulation.
ThreeParticle/CAE has one of the most intuitive graphic user interfaces (GUI) on the entire CAE market. You will be able to model complex physics after a short training period. Experienced users can save Pre-processing time and create simulations that were considered as impossible with the combination of CAE and Keywords.
Create your own contact models, sensors, user-defined variables as well as special simulation models like coating, sintering or moisture concentration and many more. The C++ API is fully built-in the GUI and includes an easy to understand documentation with many included examples.