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What's included in the Basic module?

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Available modules

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The starter pack is the perfect way to get familiar with DEM & bulk materials simulation including an intuitive GUI.

Unlimited cores

Unleash the full multi-threading power of your workstation with unlimited CPU cores.

Complex shapes

Extend the DEM capabilities with real shapes from 3D scans and accurate representation.

Multi-body dynamics

Add multi-body dynamics to your simulation with lots of constraints and new capabilities.

Finite Element Analysis

Analyze structural mechanics and loads from contacts to get a better knowledge of your equipment.

Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics

Use fluid simulations with an incredible fast GPU solver combined with DEM and MBD.

Wear analysis

Get a better insight into maintenance intensive processes and reduce wear by design changes.


Individually extensions are possible with user-defined properties, contact models and unique simulations.


Couple ThreeParticle/CAE with MATLAB & Simulink to extend mechanical, hydraulical or electrical capabilities of any part.

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